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GHKO-61 New Equipment – Yu Shinoda Of Miss Universe 6th ~ Betrayal

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    Free watch jav online with actress: Shinoda Yuu .Asahina Yuria, who has a brilliant background as former Department of Defense admiral’s secretary and bodyguard, is the red-eye of the battlefield security team “Battle Flash U” with five elite members. Association of evil Egoma Killing combatants with overwhelming strength is also struggled by a super strengthened monster who is killed. In order to compete, the new battle suit had a serious defect and regrettable it was developing. Injured the mask and the known face Yulia attacks the female body flesh by the commander Egoma and his aides and the hunger and meat stick of torture attacks! “Cuddly … I am a battle flash unit … … too, stop it … ◇” [BAD END]

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