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ZIZG-006 [Live-action Version] Hibiki Rinkan Club – Part Otsuki Hasumi Claire Riku Minato Kururuki Oranges

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    Free watch jav online with actress: Kururugi Mikan, Ootsuki Hibiki, Hasumi Kurea, Minato Riku .Practiced system lost gangbang gangster game finally realized! ! A popular PC game “gangbang club” which is fulfilled in a miserable ceremony as a sister, sister, lover, wife, loved one as a shrine maiden became a two-part work of the first part and the second part, and it is finally realized. As the chairman of the Rinkan Club, Tsutomu Otsuki has served as a role of Tamura element who submerges many women into white turbidity and darkness of cruelty. A female teacher who has a vengeance in the tradition of the town since he once been a priestess as a mother once, Ren Mi Clare as a role of Suzuko Yamazaki. And the role of Izumi Shinohara as a target of the Rinkan Club in the school, Minato Riku, Tomomi Yamanaka role of Mikan Kuriki. Please expect it in real insult that reproduced fierce faithfully as much as possible the horrible scenes of traditional system gets picked up and gathered. 【Story】 There was a ritual of darkness that passed over 1,000 years in the mountain town of Hayashi Hakushi. In order to quell the angry god, as a result of the collection of ladies who had been made a shrine maiden, the gods calmed down their anger and promised peace and fertility, the shrine maiden who did not embrace the male preciousness It was made into a grated straw and lived as it was swept to the river, and it was made a god ‘s sacrifice. And now — the ceremony continued to live in the only school of Lin Hakushi without disappearing to the darkness of history, and its secret tradition was inherited as secret society “Rinkan Club”. Popular series Anime version “Rinkan Club” is here!

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